Burglary protection

Providing a home with the correct locks has up to 95% less chance of a successful burglary

Burglary protection Utrecht

Burglary protection is also important in Utrecht. In the city center, but also in the surrounding
neighborhoods and the countryside. Burglars are not simply deterred. Protecting your home
against burglary is primarily done by choosing the right locks. That means hinges and locks with
SKG certification. These door and window locks provide you with the highest possible security.
For example, by choosing locks with 1, 2 or even 3 SKG stars. Locksmith Utrecht supplies high quality hinges and locks directly from stock. As a PKVW-recognized company, we work in
accordance with the standards associated with the Police Quality Mark Safe Living. As a result,
you are always assured of the best burglary protection.

Burglary protection Utrecht

Improve burglary protection with hinges and locks

Hinges and locks contribute to improving the burglary security of your home. Old locks worn locks should always be replaced as soon as possible. If you want to protect your property against burglary, the specialists of locksmith Utrecht will be happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. This way you know for sure which hinges and locks are suitable for the doors and windows of your home. We supply various types of locks with anti-core pulling protection, SKG safety locks and rim locks from stock. Our experienced locksmiths are also ready for you if you want to have window locks installed as a preventive measure to prevent a break-in.

Good burglary protection starts with good hinges and locks

Of course you would rather leave nothing to chance when it comes to burglary protection. Good burglary protection therefore starts with high-quality and high-quality hinges and locks. Not only for the doors of your home, but also for windows that are accessible from the outside. Such as skylights or tilt windows. Good hinges and locks are always provided with a SKG certificate in various degrees. The more stars the hinges and locks have, the heavier the burglary protection of your home. Locksmith Utrecht supplies and installs high-quality locks with SKG quality mark. Not sure which locks contribute to improving the burglary protection of your home? We are happy to provide you with advice