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We only work with certified locks

Have the lock replaced by a recognized technician?

You can leave the replacement of locks to a recognized technician. This means you are not only assured of high-quality installation, but also of the best service. Our team of locksmiths and locks experts is ready to replace a lock in Utrecht. Our technicians are certified and have a VOG. We are at your service if you want to have your current locks replaced by SKG security locks in 3 different grades. Of course we deliver these locks from stock and we always ensure a fast and professional installation. If necessary, you can also use our emergency service.
Replace lock Utrecht

3 Grades within SKG certified locks:

Locksmith Utrecht supplies and replaces SKG security locks from stock. Our locks have no less than 3 different grades. You decide how you want to protect your home against burglary. From standard to very heavy burglary resistant. Our experienced technicians are also happy to provide you with advice on burglary prevention.

1 SKG star

Burglar resistant as standard

2 SKG stars

Heavy burglary resistant

3 SKG stars

Extra heavy burglary resistant

Locksmith Utrecht has a large stock of locks

At locksmith Utrecht almost all locks deliver directly from stock. You do not have to deal with a waiting period if you want to have your current locks replaced or installed. Our large stock of SKG security locks includes rim locks, multi-point locks, window locks and cylinder locks with core pulling protection. Even if the lock needs to be replaced after a lockout or a home burglary, we can immediately install it in a professional manner. By making an appointment via a no-obligation quote, but also if you wish to make use of our urgent service. For example, in the event of a defective lock or if it has been forced after a home burglary.
Opening all your locks with one key
Do you want to have your current locks replaced by keyed locks? Even then, the experienced locksmith experts and lock specialists of locksmith Utrecht are ready for you. You only need 1 key to operate these security locks. This increases the user comfort, but also the burglary security of your home. We supply all types of keyed alike locks directly from stock.
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Save on your premium with an insurer
By having SKG safety locks installed, you pay less premium from your insurer. You can save on the monthly premium for your home contents insurance. Especially if you have the locks installed by a PKVW-recognized locksmith in Utrecht. Want to save on your insurer's premium with good burglar-resistant locks? We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice.
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Need to replace a lock urgently?

It does not matter when you call us: we are available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and public holidays.